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Jane Harris

Jane Harris

Recruitment Partner


PEOPLE - that's what I care about, which makes recruiting them or for them such a joy. Having been in recruitment for so many years it's these PEOPLE that make my job possible; finding out what people do, what makes them tick and how they got to where they are fascinates me. That's why recruitment is not only my job, it's my THING! Let my THING help you find yours!

Books. I LOVE reading. From a chick lit holiday romance to a good psychological suspense thriller, I'm always looking for recommendations. I carry my Kindle around wherever I go!
Exercise. I do Circuits 2 or 3 times a week at 6.15am! It's important to me to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but I'm not too obsessive about it - everything in moderation.
Kin. Spending quality time with friends and family is very important to me - walks in the park, drinks by the fire, roasts in the winter and BBQ's in the summer. I am easily pleased :-)
Instagram. I enjoy getting inspiration on fashion, food and travel. Sharing ideas and experiences is also a lovely way to meet new people.
No messing. What you see is what you get. As long as I have my family, friends and health I am a happy bunny.
Driving. Get me in my car, crank up the music and I'll be belting out my favourite tunes (Only when I'm on my own of course!).